#10 - Your fare includes a great room, all the food as you can eat, live entertainment, and more fun stuff than we have room to list, making a cruise a great value for the money.

#9 - You can travel to a different city or country every day, but you only have to pack and unpack once.

#8 - You will have enough room under the bed for your biggest suitcase, so you can bring all the clothes you want.

#7 - You haven't lived until you see the sun set over the ocean.

#6 - Every night you find a different towel animal on your bed.

#5 - On a cruise you can "sample" numerous destinations without committing to a week or more in one unknown place.

#4 - If you like to keep busy on a vacation, you will never run out of things to do on a cruise ship.

#3 - If all you want to do is relax you can do that, too.

#2 - The crew is amazing. They know what makes for a great customer experience and they do everything in their power to provide it.

And the #1 reason we love to cruise:

The ocean is a magical, constantly changing entity that can never be fully appreciated from shore.

So let's get cruising!